Inspired by visits to European and Asian spas and old-world apothecaries, Ziesche creator Sherri Ziesche became passionate about launching a line of exceptional bath & body products for her San Francisco clients. She brought 20 years of experience as an aesthetician and the Founder of Beauty Company to the process, and she conducted extensive research to make certain the line exceeded all expectations. The result is natural, plant-based, clean, and biodegradable products that delight the senses and nourish the body.

What further sets Ziesche apart is the customer’s participation in the creation of these beautiful and customized products. “I am interested in how things are made, where they come from,” Sherri says, “and I am so excited about inviting our customers to become part of the creative process, to be able to choose the essences that they are most drawn to.”

Products that work and a personal touch are what make Ziesche a true San Francisco gem. Come discover it for yourself!

PHONE | 415-567-8740

LOCATION | San Francisco, CA